After restoration Guide

A) activity dentures doctor to teach you methods included the prohibition of violent or teeth wear available energy so as to avoid deformation, fracture


B) fixed dentures can not remove clean energy but beware of exergy carefully brush their teeth every morning and evening for mouthwash exergy keep the mouth clean. And there will be

During visits to the hospital to check energy if a loosening of exergy/dilapidation redo exergy down in a timely manner in order to avoid food residue

Slag into tooth decay occurs in the Crown.

C) early wear dentures should practice exergy exergy adapted for eating soft food and eating normal food again.

D) remove the clean dentures should be kept clean energy after dinner and entrance of the exergy prevent food residues deposited on the surface energy is not

Only has an effect on teeth exergy stimulated oral mucosa exergy also affect health.

E) sleeping remove dentures exergy exergy disabled soaked in water boiled or soaked of alcohol and other drugs.

F) Dai Ya if you can't stand the pain of exergy can be included in the dentures down into the water to 1-2 hours before the hospital referral

Exergy when examined by a doctor in order to provide for the entrance of the reasons included easy to modify.

G) dentures is not the right place for exergy timely referral to hospital included their arbitrary modifications.

H) does not wear dentures long exergy changes of oral tissue to exergy when it must redo the dentures.

I) General exergy dentures use exergy should do it a second time after 4-5.