As soon as possible in order to enable the patient to adapt to dentures and dentures function exergy to play to help patients have a right to use dentures know and understand.

1. building confidence in using dentures. Exergy to set fixed dentures denture wear to be quickly adaptable.

Exergy denture patients started to insert activities conform to. Patients wearing dentures may feel in the mouth at the beginning

Foreign body sensation, nausea, pronunciation is unclear, increased saliva, and is not used and so on. So we want prior to

Knowing just wear your dentures is not energy enough for the patients prepared for energy to help patients build confidence exergy

Entrance of the patients with denture wearing practice using exergy do not rush to put teeth on exergy like real teeth, exergy

You can eat the exergy began to slowly adapt to the rear can be used.

2. corrected incorrect bite habit. Missing tooth is not necessarily going to slit exergy after treatment and energy healing

Veneers available energy so that patients with missing teeth may grow a little energy especially in patients with missing teeth number of exergy

Habitual mandibular protrusion or unilateral Mastication caused energy exergy patients less likely to bite when first wearing false teeth to the right Middle

Exergy, influence retention and recovery of masticatory function of dentures. So use exergy to patient patient to swallow

Pharyngeal exergy do bite.

3. eating problems included missing teeth in the mouth of exergy in patients with poor oral conditions included adaptation to the exergy not prematurely worn dentures

Chewing the food. In patients with first wearing of exergy requires only a few days ago there was a process of adaptation included practicing her energy drink

Water movements such as swallowing exergy to be slightly used with dentures eat soft food and small fast food energy chewing slowly exergy using two

Side teeth after chewing exergy do not use the front teeth. Exergy feel after some period of practice adapted to the available energy and then gradually

The normal function of your teeth.