Considerations for adjusting grinding porcelain collecting

Porcelain restorations with high hardness, wear less than the natural teeth and restorations, porcelain should therefore remain balanced. If early exposure, not only for the pulp, adversely affect the gingival tissue and cause Temporomandibular joint disorder, will also accelerate the wear of the teeth of the jaw. If early exposure to porcelain processing rough area, the degree of wear of the jaw teeth are more obvious. In addition to the repair requires the Elimination of early contact to maintain occlusal balance, contact should also be as polished as possible. Polish non-contact part, Ridge and furrow, such as micro-parts, you can use the high speed Dental drill, the loose wind 120, 320 type diamond grinding to grinding out the appropriate surface roughness. Final polished form overflow channel, using wind company 38, 39th, carbide drill at low speed, to get sharp, smooth Groove Wo. Adjustable grinding early contact and adjoining area, use the wind company's silicone rubber wheel polishing can be obtained quite smooth and polished surfaces.