Effects on physical and mental health of patients after missing teeth

Teeth are important for chewing organ exergy when tooth loss will give the gift of many adverse effects included a degree in accordance with missing teeth

And the number of missing teeth are different and vary. Mainly as follows:

1. the dentition defect refers to partial tooth loss in varying amounts in the columns. According to the influence of the number of edentulous patients

Ranges are included only included missing some teeth in addition to local alveolar ridge the contraction included the impact of a small area in the

Remaining available energy can lead to remaining teeth tooth tilts to the missing gap exergy jaw teeth to the early shortage gap caused by elongation of exergy and occlusal contact

Rejection included, as no timely repair of exergy makes multiple teeth affected energy and subsequent repair will cause a lot of confusion.

2. tooth caries is the most common causes of disease and injury. Due to different causes, location and extent of the defect energy impact

There are differences. When tooth small amounts may not have any symptoms of patients with defects of exergy energy if a defect is as deep as the enamel/tooth

Quality exergy dentin, dental pulp caused by bleeding, inflammation, degeneration and necrosis of exergy can induce Periapical lesions.

Thus the tooth not only problems of its own energy to dentition, occlusal and periodontal tissues can have an impact.

3. is edentulous maxilla and mandible or mandibular teeth on exergy to periodontal disease, the reasons for all the missing elderly physical degeneration

More. Because of the edentulous mandible on the exergy loss of teeth supported exergy one-third shorten the distance under the surface included in the lip and cheek

Trap exergy flabby exergy mouth sagging skin wrinkles deepen energy exergy mandibular protrusion in exergy directly affects the face of exergy

Patients in the mental and psychological state under a lot of pressure energy of inferiority exergy therefore should be repaired in a timely manner.