What kind of material is used for making porcelain teeth?

      Porcelain teeth are divided into four types, base metals, semi-precious metals, precious metals and all-ceramic teeth.

      1, Base metal porcelain teeth include (ordinary porcelain teeth, flawless nickel-free porcelain teeth, titanium alloy porcelain teeth, bio-alloy porcelain teeth, nano-porcelain teeth). The main components of ordinary porcelain teeth are nickel. The human body is harmful. The main components of flawless nickel-free porcelain teeth are cobalt and chromium. These porcelain teeth have no harmful nickel and strontium, so it is basically safe, but the defects of this porcelain tooth are that there are too many metal impurities contained in it. It is difficult to ensure that there are no traces of unknown elements in the body that cause harm to people. Titanium alloy porcelain teeth are basically free of titanium, so it is recommended not to do it. The main component of bio-alloy porcelain teeth is also cobalt and chromium. The biggest difference between it and the flawless nickel-free porcelain teeth is that it filters out all the unknown metal components contained in the flawless nickel-free porcelain teeth. One is tap water, one is pure water, you can drink it, which one is healthier, it depends on your own choice. The characteristics of base metal porcelain teeth are basically the same, but there is a very deadly commonality in the base metal porcelain teeth. After the patient has been in the belt for a long time, the gums will turn black, especially affecting the appearance.

     2, Semi-precious metal porcelain teeth include (palladium silver porcelain teeth, palladium porcelain teeth), palladium silver porcelain teeth and palladium porcelain teeth are mainly composed of palladium, silver and gold, which are common to human skin. The solubility is super good, and the external performance is that the patient's gums will never turn black.

      3,Precious metal porcelain teeth are also gold porcelain teeth. Its main component is gold. In addition to the advantages of semi-precious metal porcelain teeth, gold porcelain teeth are not strong in thermal conductivity, which means that you eat something with higher temperature. At the same time, other kinds of porcelain teeth will have a very hot feeling, but gold porcelain teeth will not, and its protection for the gums is also the best, no matter how long it will not damage the gums.

     4, All-ceramic teeth include (aluminum oxide porcelain teeth, zirconia ceramic teeth), two alumina ceramic teeth and zirconia ceramic teeth are metal oxides, the ingredients you know their names, except they In addition to all the advantages of semi-precious metal porcelain teeth, the most important thing is that the color and shape of the teeth made by the alumina tooth and the zirconia porcelain teeth can completely achieve the effect of the fake, very beautiful, generally alumina roast Porcelain teeth and zirconia porcelain teeth are used for beauty repairs by beautiful people. The difference is that the strength is high. Simply put, the two alumina porcelain teeth can only be used to eat bread, and the zirconia porcelain teeth can be used for the humeral head.