A Brief Introduction To Removable Denture Processing Plants

The role of Removable Denture processing plant

Removable Denture processing plant is not just so narrow sense. In the popular we often put the pure titanium porcelain teeth or porcelain teeth are considered the ranks of Removable Dentures, mention Removable Denture, we will be no strangers, the so-called Removable Denture is Removable Denture, tooth loss or removal, for the recovery Chewing, beautiful, pronunciation and other functions of the prosthesis in the Removable Denture. The overRemovable Denture is a Removable Denture covering the Removable Denture and supports a full Removable Denture or removable partial Removable Denture on the treated root and crown. Its role determines the general application of the crowd is very fixed, so only need to repair the teeth of the people will generally come into contact with these names.

In the Removable Denture production industry, Removable Denture processing plant is a special industry, many people are difficult to give him an accurate definition of the industry, both medical materials processing, but there are too many oral equipment production, so special Under the meaning of the industry to give a mysterious color, the common Removable Denture material with full Removable Denture, all porcelain teeth, porcelain teeth, etc., as the daily life of the common dental restoration materials, I believe that the most hear are generally pure Titanium porcelain teeth or zirconia all porcelain teeth, both of which because of the superior characteristics of people like the first, because the ceramic material more peace of mind, and its gums or oral cavity will not be rejected, titanium and porcelain powder Melting at high temperature after the combination, with a very high strength, enough to withstand the mouth of the chewing force, and the same teeth with the same occlusal function. And zirconia all porcelain teeth biocompatible, affordable, Removable Denture processing industry in the industry is very high cost, is suitable for the elderly a practical all-ceramic teeth. The two can be described as different, so this is the reason why the market is one of the main reasons.

A regular Removable Denture processing factory: a qualified Removable Denture processing enterprises, with the production of Removable Denture in the basic conditions (production sites, raw equipment, raw materials and a certain qualification of personnel), the first need to go to the drug sector for "medical Equipment manufacturing enterprise license ", get the production license, and then to the industrial and commercial tax department for the relevant" business license "," tax registration certificate "and other general business-related qualifications, began trial production, enterprises get trial production Products, as a sample, sent to the drug department of the detection department began to apply for "medical device registration card" to the drug supervision departments to organize personnel to the scene after the audit, production area, qualification and other compliance, was awarded the "medical device registration card "(Commonly known as product registration card), enterprises have the production and operation of Removable Denture products in order to foreign contract business, for production. Therefore, the general compliance Removable Denture enterprises basically have three cards, "medical device production license" (with production qualification), "business license" (with corporate legal personality, need tax, business administration, etc.), "medical device registration certificate".