A Removable Denture Is A Popular Material Introduction

At present, the market is a popular material is Evonik high performance polymer VESTAKEEP ® Dental. "Our materials are stable and have the same elasticity as human bones," says Frank Claus, Evonik Medical Devices and Systems Marketing Manager. Compared with the traditional Removable Denture, this material in the mouth can also reflect some other advantages: by the polyether ether ketone (PEEK) made of Removable Denture lighter, more flexible, no sensitization, no smell. This Removable Denture can quickly adapt to human temperature. Even when shooting X-rays, this Removable Denture can provide better imaging results than traditional metal Removable Dentures.

Compared to zirconia, gold, or diamond-plated alloys used as Removable Denture materials, although VESTAKEEP® Dental has many advantages, as Ismail Yilmaz puts it: "This material requires a more skilled and high The accuracy of the ". The general manager of Denseo Limited is well aware of this. He is not only trained every two weeks for dental technicians to familiarize themselves with this high-performance polymer and use the right tools and polishing materials. The professional dental products he manages are long-term partners.

The current Removable Denture processing industry is very irregular, the lack of industry effective supervision and management system. We can often hear where the Removable Denture processing plant after several master quit their own and independently opened a processing plant news, so the unlicensed processing plants and low-cost vicious competition between the industry is relatively common, it can be considered domestic The status of the industry. At present, the relevant departments of the state are beginning to standardize the management of the Removable Denture processing industry, and ultimately the development of the Removable Denture processing plant in a healthy environment to jointly promote the prosperity of the dental industry.

techinque level

The level of China's skilled workers is relatively low in terms of the overall situation of foreign workers because of the educational mechanism of Chinese technicians, there is no complete set of education system, so that each technician is extremely lacking in technical theory, but will not know why To do so, there is a problem that does not know the cause of the problem. It is precisely because the level of education of Chinese technicians is low, so a lot of skilled workers to improve the technology from the dental material manufacturers technical guidance.