Comparison Of Removable Denture And Fixed Dentures

Removable Denture and fixed dentures are different from the two kinds of denture repair methods, the same way also have different, when the set of activities in the Removable Denture, when the teeth must be fixed according to the circumstances, with the Removable Denture and fixed dentures to understand the difference Of the people are not many, the following is the Removable Denture and fixed dentures comparison.

Teeth is a healthy portal. After the absence of teeth not only affect the chewing function, and affect the appearance of timely repair is necessary. There are two types of dentures: one is fixed, one is active. So, after the lack of teeth to choose which kind of repair method? These two kinds of dentures have their own advantages and disadvantages, the choice is based on the number of teeth in the mouth and the existing dental health to determine the situation.

Fixed dentures: in medicine called fixed denture or fixed bridge. It is the use of the gap between the teeth on both sides of the teeth on the denture fixed on it. In particular, the bridge must have a solid bridge base, the patient can not wear their own wear. This denture is made by first grinding the ends of the abutments (as the base teeth), and then making a metal crown set on the abutment, and then another metal rod, the two ends together, the middle is plastic tooth. Its advantage is small size, comfortable, no foreign body sensation, easy to put into the mouth after the habit; chewing function than the Removable Denture to large. The disadvantage is that both ends of the abutment condition is better, in the preparation, but also grinding a lot of abutments, time-consuming, high requirements for the preparation of the doctor, some of the doctors do this kind of teeth is certainly not meet the scientific standards. Some people often because of the pain caused by the teeth do not welcome fixed dentures, in addition, the fixed teeth have a metal crown is not beautiful, teeth can not be too much to 1 to 2 teeth missing is appropriate. Now the domestic porcelain teeth to carry out a wide range of color is very ideal, is the higher cost.

Removable Denture: the use of plastic to do base care, by mucosal, bone tissue for support, by the denture of the retention and base care, can be free to wear a restorative body, so called the Removable Denture. Consisting of dentures on the base and a resilient metal snap ring. It is not subject to the chewing pressure is not complete and both sides of the teeth to bear, but also by the teeth of the gums and alveolar bone to bear part. Therefore, the activities of dentures even at both ends of the adjacent teeth and not too strong circumstances can also be installed. Its advantages are relatively simple operation, less teeth, beautiful than metal crown, the patient is easy to accept, denture can take off to be washed, is conducive to oral hygiene. "Live teeth" to adapt to a wider range, can repair more teeth, from missing a tooth to a few or even full mouth teeth. The shortcomings of the installation is not used to set the time is longer, need to go through a long time to get used to. Conditional choice of casting - steel care, this technology and porcelain is the same as in recent years to carry out the new business, characterized by relatively comfortable, easy to wear, short period of time short, the disadvantage is higher cost. There is also a new method is the hidden denture, it does not use metal clasp, with a flexible color and gums similar to the special plastic retention, in recent years also carried out in some parts of China. In short, the general teeth must be fitted after the denture, its purpose is to restore the masticatory function and physiological functions, to avoid the displacement of other teeth, as to take care of beauty, is the second. To achieve these goals, there must be a scientific choice of installed method, must be based on the specific circumstances of the patient to determine the installation of fixed dentures or Removable Denture.