Dental Appliance Have Several Categories?

Dental instruments, also known as oral instruments or dental instruments. It belongs to the dental tools, the general structure is not complicated, do not have electricity, there can be repeated use of features, it and dental supplies and Dental Appliance, the three together constitute the pillars of the dental industry.

Dental Appliance classification, to ground dog dental material network, for example, according to the use can be divided into:

(A) mouth equipment

Oral cavity treatment instrument; ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment; pulp vitality measuring instrument; root canal length measuring instrument; root canal treatment of motor slowdown; ultrasonic / sandblasting dentist; whitening instrument; silver mercury blending mixer; Silver honing equipment; silver charge conveyor; resin filling equipment; bonding / etching system; polishing equipment; rubber barrier equipment; hand Jieji; curettage equipment; periodontal surgery equipment; high-frequency electric knife;

(B) oral surgery, planting equipment

Dental Appliance; orthodontic devices; surgical equipment; surgical instruments; ultrasonic knife; saliva measurement equipment; joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment; emergency medicine and equipment; negative pressure suction device; monitor; tractor; other.

(C) oral repair / technical equipment

Repair / craftsmen commonly used equipment: mechanic pliers; impression mold stirrer; dental stent; model / wax type equipment; flat positioning equipment; cad / cam system; mechanic workstations; mechanic drill; casting machine and accessories; Polishing; grinding / grinding; color palette; kinds of nail machine tongue side dressing machine; gypsum dressing machine; polishing machine; ; Welding machine; inverted concave observation instrument; spray gun / torch; die box; Taiwan mold base; Taiwan die nail; cast ring; model related equipment; wax and de-waxing; casting metal recycling equipment; Tools and related tools; vacuum forming machine; craftsmen commonly used tools; melting furnace; roasting furnace; preheating furnace; hanging mill; gold plating machine; gold deposit instrument; car porcelain; agar stirring melting machine; mechanic vacuum cleaner; Presses; warranty card printer; press one machine; foot switch; other.

(D) oral orthodontic equipment equipment

Orthodontic pliers; needle holder / crown cut; spot welding machine; square wire forming device; bracket positioner; reflector;

Third, use

Any dental front (referring to clinical operation, such as dental preparation, treatment), the background (referring to dental technology workshop), can be used.