Dental Defect Repair Of The Indications And Contraindications?

Due to caries, trauma, severe abrasion, wedge-shaped defects, acid caused incongruent dental enamel development organizations have different degrees of damage, defects, dental defects. Tooth defect if not treated and repair can cause pulp diseases and Periapical disease, periodontal disease and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint syndrome, chewing, pronunciation and appearance had a certain impact. Therefore, Beijing good oral plastic surgery expert reminder your, dental defects must be repaired! then you understand indications for tooth repair it? do you know to repair contraindications? Beijing hot oral plastic surgery specialists for your warm solution. First, the pulpless indications for repair: 1. the lips, cheek straps attach near the alveolar Crest and the denture. 2. upper lip strap attach low or hypertrophy in children, to anterior teeth arrangement. 3. children frenulum of the tongue is too short, the protrusion of the tongue is "w" shape, rolling hard, retroflex or palatal tongue is not clear, operative age of 1-2 is more appropriate. 4. older patients with alveolar ridge atrophy caused by tongue-tie attach high, influencing mandibular dentures are second, the pulpless repair contraindications: 1. operations and significant inflammation in the mouth. 2. persons with intellectual developmental disabilities caused by unclear pronunciation, not lace trim. 3. General contra-indications refer to the extraction of teeth.