Dental Prosthesis Which Types?

Because dental prosthesis manufacturing process, types of material for repairing, restoration of structural characteristics of different restorations can be divided into a variety of:

(1) inlay: embedded in the Crown restorations clinic because the filling is simple and convenient, usually filling replaced. Poor is in effect, or when fixed retainers used.

Onlay restoration of the occlusal surface and good retention, more in clinical use.

(2) 3/4: does not override the anterior labial or buccal parts of Crown restorations of posterior teeth.

(3) window Crown: crowns for aesthetic reasons in the labial opening the window.

(4) cover or cover: a cover made of resin or porcelain crowns lip buccal part of the Crown, how to solve the appearance problem, but easy to fall off.

(5) the crowns: coverage for all restorations of Crown surface, due to the different materials and methods of making many different types.

(6) the Crown: is in the residual Crown or root formation on metal post and core or resin, and then full Crown restoration.

(7) post: is the use of nail insert retention of residual root and root canal and Crown restoration.

(8) the implant crowns: on the implant in the bone implanted into alveolar artificial crowns made of.