How To Improve The Quality Of Removable Denture Production

A successful restoration is the doctor and mechanic in accordance with the requirements of patients and their own oral condition, the co-operation of the crystallization. A high quality product is a doctor, patient and mechanic, the three accessible access. How to meet the requirements of doctors and patients, how to make the clinical requirements in the production of the perfect embodiment of many Removable Denture processing plants are now urgent need to solve the problem.

The technical level of many Removable Denture plants is fully capable of meeting the clinician's reasonable manufacturing requirements. But there are many doctors prepare teeth, mold, design does not meet the production requirements of the factory, in order to improve the quality of Removable Denture processing plant products, develop the following strategy

1, to strengthen customer service and the exchange of doctors

To the doctor to introduce the technical characteristics of the factory to provide technical information about the factory, a successful restoration of the need to have those conditions, according to China's medical characteristics listed by some doctors easily overlooked, according to the characteristics of Chinese dental repair and the patient's own characteristics, The introduction of patients who will not meet the requirements of Removable Denture processing; recommended doctors do not raise the patient's repair needs, to an objective description of the repair effect, if necessary, with the doctor to guide patients to repair consciousness.

2, to strengthen customer service and production technology department of the exchange.

The customer service department will provide accurate feedback to the production technology department, let the technician of the production technology department understand the technical characteristics of the clinician, why the doctor will do so, analyze the causes and social causes; some unsatisfactory parts are timely and Production technology analysis of the reasons, according to technical analysis, a reasonable adjustment of the production process, so that meet the technical requirements of clinicians repair body.

Customer service department to the clinical production requirements, accurate feedback to the production technology department, do not meet the technical requirements of the model as far as possible not to retract, and timely consultation with doctors how to make workpieces; for retreat, clear tell the doctor why not To do, to provide a reasonable production program for medical reference, to facilitate the next time the doctor choose our mechanics.

3, to strengthen the oral teaching and understanding of oral workers.

Strengthen the production of the teaching, the rework of each product to do technical analysis, so that each mechanic, students understand the reasons for the error, the patient will bring what kind of harm, to strengthen the work of the staff responsibility to avoid the next repeat The same mistakes, the accumulation of craftsmen and students of the production experience and deepen the technical understanding of the technician. If the reason for the doctor, analyze the reasons for the occurrence of the doctor to avoid the best way to repair the failure should be how to do. In teaching should also be combined with China's actual oral medical situation, the Chinese craftsmen suffered educational characteristics, targeted to teach, otherwise less effective.

4, to strengthen the production of the basic teaching of students, the Chinese technicians and the actual clinical work to make up the gap.

Chinese artisans teaching to oral clinical medicine, a lot of students after graduation to become a dentist or oral assistant, in the factory is impossible to do oral medical work, and this is the gap between teaching and reality. Chinese technician education generally lacks rigorous dental training and color training courses, they just open a lecture to understand it, not as major courses.

Production department of the teaching should strengthen the training of the teeth and strict technical training of basic skills training. Teeth training to carve gypsum-based, so that they understand the importance of the shape of the workpiece, the impact on the quality of the workpiece, and the impact of each work link; carving the meaning of what is the meaning of their own links , Can improve their work efficiency? Is it helpful to improve your skills and salary? To fill the porcelain group fill the color class, explain the difference between the color of each porcelain powder extremely useful. The relationship between color and shape, how they interact with each other, and what impact we have on our product quality.