How To Properly Care For Removable Denture

Removable Denture are used to replace tooth loss due to various causes, mainly divided into full mouth and individual Removable Denture. Individual Removable Denture are used for a variety of reasons leading to individual teeth off, full Removable Denture for the elderly in the physiological and natural teeth off. Although the Removable Denture is different from the teeth, but its care is also essential. The right care can better protect the mouth, the prevention of oral disease.

Removable Denture classification

To care for Removable Denture, first of all we need to understand the type and material of Removable Denture. At present in our country, Removable Denture mainly steel, porcelain, stealth, steel care, rubber care and planting teeth, which porcelain teeth are divided into ordinary, gold, all porcelain, alumina, zirconia, bio-porcelain; Teeth are divided into metal, ceramics, carbon, polymer and meet the material type of implant. Inlaid Removable Denture are divided into "dead teeth" and "live teeth", dead teeth that use the surrounding teeth to bridge with the abutment, is not active; live teeth for the removable partial Removable Dentures or full teeth.

Proper cleaning

Cleaning Removable Denture, many people think that should be sterilized with hot water, this is wrong. General polymer synthetic chemical Removable Denture, high temperature soaking will lead to deterioration of material deformation. The correct approach should be to put this kind of false teeth in cold water, add baking soda antivirus, soft brush with a soft toothbrush. It is best not to use toothpaste and a hard brush to brush the Removable Denture, toothpaste chemicals will lead to Removable Denture damage, and excellent brush will damage the Removable Denture surface material, can not properly care Removable Denture.

Early Removable Denture

The beginning of the use of Removable Dentures will inevitably appear discomfort, serious also lead to nausea and vomiting, eating will feel no bite of food, which are normal. But if there is inflammation, oral ulcers should be timely medical treatment, under the guidance of the doctor to adjust the use. Early wear Removable Denture should first practice eating some softer food, step by step eating normal food. Be patient with the practice of wearing Removable Dentures, to accommodate the presence of Removable Denture.

usage time

Removable Denture is to chew the convenience of food and overall beauty. In the meal before meals should be timely cleaning Removable Denture, to maintain oral hygiene. Before going to bed, should be removed Removable Denture soaked in warm water to protect the use of Removable Denture time. No matter how good the Removable Denture can not become a partner for life, because there is no body conditioning body, in normal circumstances, should be replaced by a Removable Denture for 5 years, do a good job of oral examination.

Removable Denture care

In the elderly due to physiological structure degradation, resulting in mobility, poor memory. So for the elderly in the Removable Denture, you need to help remind the junior and the doctor's regular check. In addition, to the elderly wear Removable Dentures should pay attention to quality, they are not suitable for frequent replacement of Removable Denture, when wearing care loss will be more in the elderly have a great impact.


In the Removable Denture should be done before and after oral detection, wearing a Removable Denture for the mouth, to prevent oral diseases.

Tooth loss should be promptly repaired, long-term vacancy will lead to loose teeth around the fall off.

Wear Removable Denture should be selected when the regular hospital medical guidance, not because of cheap Removable Denture lead to oral disease.

Cleaning Removable Denture can choose professional Removable Denture cleaning tablets, according to the instructions to use clean up.