How To Protect Removable Denture

How to protect the Removable Denture? Active Removable Denture are generally made of plastic and metal stent, etc., full of teeth and some teeth can be done to restore the teeth of teeth to restore the function of Removable Denture. As the activities of Removable Denture is a dental defect after the artificial imitation of dental work, in order to prevent complications, need to know some common sense, pay attention to its protection, cleaning and disinfection. So how to protect the Removable Denture? We have asked the experts for us to introduce in detail.

1. How to protect Removable Denture? Experts, just set the Removable Denture is absolutely no suitable, there is a slight need for a minor adaptation process. Obviously inappropriate should be repaired in time, can not carelessly, especially the application of 1 to 2 years after the Removable Denture, even if no obvious inappropriate, but also to the stomatological hospital to check, adjust and repair it.

2. In addition, wearing a full Removable Denture should pay attention to the patient's mouth has no abutment, while alveolar bone due to a certain degree of atrophy after tooth extraction, so early wear Removable Denture will feel more difficult to retain, Removable Denture loose, off. The general solution to the way to maintain the amount of saliva within the mouth, can increase the absorption of Removable Denture, wearing a full Removable Denture during the eating process should exercise bilateral chewing, to reduce the Removable Denture, move off and break.

3. How to protect the Removable Denture? Removable Denture should also be regularly washed, each meal is best to remove the Removable Denture for mouthwash, remove the teeth of Removable Denture, tooth care in the middle of the food residue. Every night before going to sleep, the Removable Denture soaked in a clean water bowl or cup, so that the gums to rest. In order to prevent deformation of the Removable Denture, not free to put away, not to place near the stove and heating.

4. Normally, the Removable Dentures must always be worn, and the habit of wearing Removable Denture at the time of eating needs to be corrected for too long. The teeth are prone to deformation and the Removable Denture are easily damaged or lost.