Immediately After The Dental Appliance Is Used

The need for immediate treatment of dental equipment after use of Dental Appliance

When the current affairs of the time

Dental materials, such as fillers or acid cement powder, that adhere to Dental Appliance must be removed directly after use, otherwise there is a risk of hardening or rusting. First, the general Dental Appliance next to the treatment: moisturizing

Second, small equipment chair next to the treatment

Wipe the car surface with a wet cotton ball visible dirt, covered with moisturizing.

Third, clean handle handle handle next to the handle

Wipe with accessories, remove the surface dirt, rinse the waterway 30s, remove the work of the tip, moisturizing covered.

Fourth, the impression tray tray side treatment

Scrap the surface material, soak into the impression cleaning solution.

5, dental handbag next to the treatment

1, the daily work before the start, you must remove the phone, three with a gun head, ultrasonic scalp machine head, flush the water for 2-3 minutes; after each treatment, wash contaminated mobile phone, three with the tip, 20-30 seconds.

2, the patient after the end of treatment do not take the phone, remove the phone surface visible dirt, flush lumen 20-30 seconds.

3, remove the pollution of mobile phones, wet cotton balls in time to erase the surface of the phone visible dirt, covered with moisturizing

Dental Appliance chair next to the main points: rinse, rinse. The The

(For example, cell phone, ultrasonic finder, air / water grab) must be rinsed for at least two minutes before the start of the day, between the use of the patient must be required to idle 30 seconds each time The