Removable Denture Cleaning Points

As with natural teeth, wearing Removable Denture also need to be cleaned regularly. Often, many people wash their work on the Removable Denture just after rinsing or rinsing with water. But the long run, attached to the denture on the bacteria and plaque can not be cleared, often lead to the teeth of the caries or inflammation or denture base covered with mucosal fungal infection, causing great harm to the oral tissue.

Removable Denture The correct method of cleaning should be: after each meal or eating after removal of Removable Denture, serious mouthwash, remove the residual food residue in the mouth, and carefully flush dentures. Every day with a small soft toothbrush brush brushing the various faces of Removable Denture, especially the inner surface of the denture pallet and contact with the remaining parts of the teeth. Because these parts most likely to remain bacteria and plaque, the greatest harm to oral tissue. It is best to regularly with the special denture cleaning agent (liquid) on the dentures in-depth cleaning, so as to achieve better cleaning and disinfection effect.

In addition, every day before going to sleep should be Removable Denture, scrub clean and clean Removable Denture soaked in clean cold water. Removable Denture should not be worn overnight, not only to facilitate the day for a long time to bear the denture of the oral mucosa to rest, but also to reduce the growth of residual bacteria on the Removable Denture, bacteria and plaque to reduce the harm to the mouth.