Removable Denture How To Do Bad

1, metal-based activities of the Removable Denture is generally broken after the repair can not be. Dental teeth wearing more time (more than 5 years), due to alveolar bone absorption caused by base and tooth groove between the gap between the chewing when the base to break, this situation should be re-teeth, and wear Time for a long time after the base of plastic aging, deterioration, reduced strength, even if the repair will not be durable.

2, some Removable Denture wearing time is not long that break, which may be due to improper use of patients, may also be due to Removable Denture design problems, such as dentures arranged improperly, chewing denture force imbalance, or part of the denture The base is too weak to bear the strength of the bite, even if it is repaired, it is easy to re-break, should be re-produced.

3, the plastic-based activities of the Removable Denture broken or plastic teeth off, if the Removable Denture base and oral tissue fit close, no defect at the end, can be tight to the whole, generally can be used after repair.

4, fixed Removable Denture damage, the general can not repair, should remove the old Removable Denture re-production. But in some cases can also be part of the repair, such as porcelain face after the porcelain, try to repair the repair material, can not be repaired and then remove the redo. For damaged dentures, patients should not be easily discarded, and do not repair themselves, should go to the hospital to see if the doctor can repair.

Experts advise: for the damaged teeth, the patient should not be easily discarded, do not repair themselves, should go to the hospital doctor can see whether the repair. If the use of prolonged use of the Removable Denture, repeated broken, and wearing discomfort, or serious damage, then you should consider re-denture processing.