Removable Denture In The Production Of The Notes

(1) the proportion of the monomer is too improper (1) too much monomer: a. To adjust the proportion of improper b. Fill the plastic premature c. Add monomer (2) monomer too little: a. The proportion of improper blending b. Tandem uncapped monomer volatilization c. Detergent coating bad, causing the monomer into the gypsum model ② fill the plastic when the pressure is not enough ③ plastic packing ④ heat treatment temperature too fast ⑤ poor quality of plastic powder 2 The reasons for the deformation of the Removable Denture ① packing box has inverted, plastic packing too late or when the pressure is too large, etc., can cause damage to the model, stent and artificial tooth displacement. ② base thickness uneven ③ heat treatment temperature too fast ④ heat treatment box after the cold, open the box too early, the base has not yet cooled hard, so that deformation of the Removable Denture. ⑤ Removable Denture grinding when the heat is too high 3. Clasp, connecting rod and other displacement reasons ① embedded in the use of gypsum strength is insufficient ② stent, the connector is not fixed or not the clasp, stent and other embedded solid ③ open box to wax When the gypsum break ④ fill when the plastic too late or too much

The use of active Removable Denture is limited, especially the whole Removable Denture, in general, 3 years to 5 years need a comprehensive overhaul, such as re-lining or re-set, if necessary, need to be replaced. In the shelf life, the activities of Removable Dentures such as problems, such as fracture, wear, etc. should be promptly repaired or replaced, do not force to use. If the Removable Denture off, broken or defect, you should be all the block to the hospital for inspection, repair. In short, no matter what kind of Removable Denture, every year to the hospital once a check is necessary.

When you brush your teeth every day, it is necessary to clean the teeth near the Removable Dentures, especially the teeth that are in contact with the Removable Dentures. You can use a toothbrush, a single toothbrush, a dental floss or a toothbrush. It is best to remove the Removable Dentures, rinse with water, and then wear into the mouth.General teeth and dental care are made of plastic, so afraid of throwing, afraid of pressure, afraid of boiled activities of Removable Dentures between the real teeth and teeth Of the gap, easy to breed of dental pulp and the accumulation of food residues, so that near the true tooth bite and suffering from periodontal disease, so Removable Dentures and nearby teeth care is very important.