Removable Denture Indications

1, by a tooth missing to a tooth on the remaining teeth only a variety of tooth loss situation, can be used for removable Removable Denture repair.

2, due to trauma or tumor after surgery in patients with teeth at the same time, often accompanied by a large alveolar bone defects, resulting in lips collapse, such patients are suitable for removable Removable Denture repair.

3, the age of 18 years of age in patients, if the fixed denture, need more grinding teeth, but because of age is too light, the teeth of the pulp cavity is too large, easy to produce damage to the pulp, suitable for pickable Denture.

5, tooth extraction wounds are not completely healed, but the work needs to be anxious to repair those who can be used to remove the local Removable Denture as a transitional repair, or because the occupation needs can not be missing anterior teeth, before taking the mold, pre-denture (immediately denture) , Immediately after tooth wear

4, if not able to accept a long time the molar operation, or patients do not want more teeth, and the teeth of the adjacent teeth were tilted, or teeth near the teeth of poor health, there are more obvious loosening and alveolar bone absorption , The above situation should not be used as a permanent Removable Denture, can be removable Removable Denture repair.

Third, wear activities Removable Denture precautions

1, the beginning of wearing dentures, there may be mucosal tenderness, or even mucosal ulcers, should be revised, if not timely referral, can temporarily not wear, remove the dentures placed in cold water. Medical | Education Network | But a few hours before the referral must wear Removable Denture, in order to be able to accurately find the tender point, easy to modify.

2, the beginning of wearing dentures, the mouth often foreign body sensation, saliva increased, and even nausea, vomiting, and some pronunciation is unclear, chewing inconvenience, which is a normal phenomenon, as long as adhere to wear, the above symptoms can gradually disappear.

3, early wear Removable Denture should not eat hard food, should first practice eating soft food, to be adapted and then gradually chew hard and brittle food.

4, remove the dentures, the dentures and teeth within the mouth of the real teeth brush the residual food residue, to avoid caries.

5, wearing dentures, every six months to a year to the hospital for a review, in order to find the problem in a timely manner to ensure that support the organization's health.