Removable Denture Repair Precautions

Removable Denture is a self-picking of a restorative body, it can adapt to a wide range, the lack of a single tooth, multiple teeth, or full teeth can be used. Shenzhen Far East Women and Children Hospital Dental Repair Center said that the installation of Removable Denture is also an activity of oral repair, oral repair after the relevant matters to be prepared.

Oral repair preparation is a comprehensive examination, after diagnosis, in accordance with the proposed oral repair design, the pathological conditions of oral tissue or affect the repair effect of the appropriate treatment to the desired effect.

1, the treatment of acute symptoms due to the teeth, acute pulpitis, chronic pulpitis acute attack, alveolar abscess, and temporomandibular disorders caused by discomfort, should be promptly treated.

2, good oral hygiene Oral health status is directly related to the gums, periodontal tissue health and repair effects and the life of the restoration. At the same time, dental calculus, tartar and so on in the tooth surface of a large number of attached, will affect the accuracy of the impression, so after restoration of dental calculus and tartar should be completely clean cure.

3, the removal of bad repair on the design of improper, rough production, poor quality, harm the health of the organization's restorations, or restorations have lost their function, and stimulate the surrounding tissue and can not be corrected, it should be removed.

Complete the Removable Denture repair, the same also need to pay attention to some matters.

1, denture early wear into the mouth, there may be increased saliva, pronunciation is not clear, retention is not good, nausea. This is a common phenomenon, to go through a period of time to adapt, modify, the phenomenon gradually disappeared.

2, after the lack of teeth, due to long-term wear with improper restorations and the formation of mandibular extension, not easy to restore the correct jaw position, affect the Removable Denture retention and chewing function at this time to practice the middle jaw bit occlusion, to correct bad Occasional habit.

3, early wear denture, if mild pain and discomfort, should adhere to wear for some time. If the pain is obvious eating, remove the denture temporarily wear, in time to the hospital referral. To the hospital, the denture wear at least two hours or more, to facilitate the doctor to check the reasons for pain analysis.

4, early wear denture began to eat, soft food, a small amount, slowly chew. Gradually eat fresh food. Do not eat too hard food.

5, to protect the oral tissue and Removable Denture clean. After eating every day, you should remove the denture water rinse, so as not to affect the health of oral mucosa. Sleep at night to remove the denture with a toothbrush to wash the denture soaked in cold water to keep the denture clean.

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