The Artificial Tooth Repair

Coat the tooth removal, made of metal or ceramic crowns using cement adhesive on them. Apply more tooth and tooth partial, worn dentin, deactivation, brittle teeth have increased, in order to prevent teeth and dental caries, using artificial Crown. Crown has a variety of types, cover most of Crown 3/4 Crown of the tooth surface, window Crown (obsolete), crowns crowns full Cap. Depending on the circumstances and conditions, can be used for casting Crown and swaged crowns, porcelain-metal joint crowns, porcelain crowns, with plastic cap, plastic Crown, etc. Big tooth defect and root canal treatment, dental amalgam or metal post and core, outside wearing crowns. Crown could be made into an entity of the Department, inserted into the root canal at the bottom of the pile, called the Crown, or core, made outside full Crown restoration. Crowns are made using cement adhesive on the abutment, cannot remove cleaner, to require tooth preparation carefully, around the edges must be closed to avoid secondary caries. Good contact with adjacent teeth to points. General in front of the cement needed to try, transfer?, after cementation also need to review the regulation?, avoid biting? trauma.