The Development Of Removable Denture Industry

With the development of the economy, people pay more and more attention to the health and beauty of the mouth, the demand for dental is also getting higher and higher, and therefore also led the development of the dental industry. Technicians and dentists are the two pillars of the oral industry, skilled workers engaged in rigorous and sophisticated repair body work, make one or a pair of forming and health benefits of Removable Dentures, so Removable Denture processing plants and technicians in the Dental industry is a very important part. But the current domestic economic and educational environment because of the problem, Removable Denture processing plants and the development of skilled workers mixed. The following analysis of the Chinese Removable Denture processing plants and technicians of the status quo and future development trends.

one. status quo

1, the characteristics of Chinese technicians

Chinese technicians and technicians in developed countries compared to the level of professional qualifications and professional quality is generally low, the degree of acceptance of professional and technical education is not high, the general "master with apprentices" traditional way to grow, so the overall technical level is generally partial low. But there are some technical level of some good technical talent, they have to study abroad and training, or have the opportunity to contact the overseas senior skilled workers, at the same time through their own hard study, to achieve a higher technical level. At present, some of the domestic institutions of higher education in the dental teaching department has also begun to set up technical division of the college or undergraduate oral arts classes. I believe that with the continuous standardization of the field of dentistry, the training of domestic technicians training system will be more and more perfect.

2, Removable Denture processing plant geographical distribution characteristics

First of all, the development of the Removable Denture processing plant in the south relative to the development of the North Removable Denture processing plant, the technical level, distribution and scale are showing more developed trend. Now a lot of northern Removable Denture processing factory technicians are mostly from the South, so the basic skills of the Southern technicians to promote the North skilled workers to improve the technology, Removable Denture processing plant development trend is gradually affected by the South to the north, which also contributed to the national Removable Denture processing The development of the industry, so that the difference between the north and south gradually narrowed.

3, the type of Removable Denture processing plant

Domestic Removable Denture processing plant is mainly to the production of fixed Removable Denture as the main processing, supplemented by active Removable Denture. Generally only specialized processing of fixed Removable Denture Removable Denture processing plants, almost no processing only Removable Denture Removable Denture processing plant. To the mainstream of the Removable Denture processing plant, can be roughly three types of classification:

(1) by system classification

State-owned Removable Denture processing plant is the hospital's mechanics room, now mostly showed a gradual decline in the situation, and some have been withdrawn. At present, only the five major high-level oral medical system in the Removable Denture processing plants and other regional professional dental hospital Removable Denture processing plant also maintained the scale of development.

Private Removable Denture processing plants accounted for the vast majority, due to belong to the private sector, so the management of a lot of ways to create, such as the use of flow processing Removable Denture.

(2) by grade:

High-grade Removable Denture processing plant Removable Denture more sophisticated and relatively high fees, mainly for high-end clinic services or professional processing of foreign Removable Denture pieces. But this is a limited number of Removable Denture processing plants.

Ordinary Removable Denture processing plant a large number, accounting for the vast majority of domestic Removable Denture processing plants, such processing fees are low, suitable for the crowd, the competition is extremely fierce.