Tooth Repair Methods Which

1 tooth defect

Due to a variety of causes of dental hard tissue varying degrees of shape and texture of destruction and abnormal tooth lost to the anatomy and physiology of the normal shape, tooth shape, bite and cause destruction of the adjacency. Dental defects is a common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in Department of Stomatology, the incidence is about 24%~53%.

2 tooth defect

Caries is the most common cause, followed by injury, wear, acid, wedge-shaped defects and malformations (including hypoplastic enamel, dentin dysplasia teeth, dental fluorosis and tetracycline).

3 dentition defect

Refers to partial tooth loss of dentition. Dentition from the lack of a tooth to only a tooth defect of dentition. Display in the second national oral epidemiological survey on health: age group average losing 0.88 teeth 35-44; 65-74 age average loss of 9.86 teeth.

4 periodontal disease

Means the tooth supporting tissues (periodontal) disease, it has two meanings. Generalized periodontitis refers to occurs in the periodontal tissues of various pathologic conditions, including gum disease and periodontitis in two categories and narrow teeth caused by periodontal disease refers only to support tissue destruction in periodontitis, but not only gum disease involving the gum tissue. Etiology of periodontal disease include local factors (food impaction, dental plaque, dental calculus, traumatic occlusal Anatomy, local factors, bad habits and bad restorations) and systemic factors (endocrine, immune deficiency, mental stress, genetics, malnutrition). In recent years, smoking as a factor has attracted more and more attention to the environment, is considered to be high risk factor of periodontal disease particularly the severe periodontitis.