What Are The Problems With Removable Denture?

Removable Denture are often subject to a variety of problems due to the diversity and activity of their design restoration.

Pain is the most common problem: including abdomen pain and soft tissue pain, abutment pain due to excessive force or claw lateral force. Soft tissue pain and more because the edge of the base is too long, too sharp, the base of the organization with a small tumor, but also because of the alveolar ridge part of the bone or bone protrusion, bone crest, the formation of tissue depression, covering mucosal thin, Pressure base care sink, sharp ridge worn and so on.

Poor retention is also often the problem, mainly as follows: ① bounce, the ring did not enter the abutment of the abutment; ② Qiaodong, swing, up and down, because the card body and base is not fit, indirect solid The position of the body placed improperly, occlusal support, the clasp in the tooth surface to form the fulcrum, the retaining ring without retention force; ③ base and the organization is not close, the edge of the closure is not good; ④ abutment crown small, or cone ⑤ the location of the artificial teeth arranged improperly, occlusal occurs when the warp; ⑥ base edge is too long, affecting soft tissue activities.

Dusting difficult: clasp too tight, base care close to the tooth surface, inverted base base buffer is not enough, the patient did not grasp the direction and method of Removable Denture picking, can cause picking difficult.

Food impaction: Removable Denture and tissue between the impaction and retention of food, the original base and the organization is not close, the ring and the abutment is not fit, between the base and natural teeth gap, can cause food embedded Plug

Pronunciation is not clear: the Removable Denture after wearing, narrowing the oral space, lingual activity is limited, there is a temporary not suited, often resulting in dysphonia. After a period of training can be used.

Bite cheek, tongue mucosa: upper and lower teeth covered with small easy bite cheek, mandibular teeth arranged side of the tongue or because of the flat face is too easy to cause bite tongue.

Nausea and saliva increased: wearing a jaw can be Removable Denture, due to the extension of the trailing edge of the base too much, too thick, or the base of the trailing edge and mucous membrane is not fit, between the two saliva stimulation caused by nausea. Saliva is mostly used to be caused.

Appearance problem: the patient after wearing, the appearance is not satisfied with the teeth or other changes.