What Do You Need To Pay Attention To After Wearing A Removable Denture?

In general, the denture can be divided into two kinds of fixed and fixed, fixed denture, also known as "fixed denture", is not the patient to wear their own; removable teeth, also known as "Removable Denture", can be easily by the patient Take it on. So, put on the Removable Denture need to pay attention to what? This is very important for everyone, the following relevant knowledge to give you a simple introduction:

1, just put on the Removable Denture, there may be increased saliva, pronunciation is not clear, retention is not good, nausea and other symptoms, this is the symptoms of the phenomenon, the general adaptation, modify can disappear. However, if the problem associated with bad breath, it should pay attention, especially to remember to do oral hygiene cleaning work.

2, to practice the middle of the jaw bit of the occlusion, to correct bad habit of occlusion, especially after the absence of teeth, due to long-term wear with improper restorations and the formation of mandibular extension, difficult to restore the correct jaw bit, affect the retention of denture And chewing function, but also pay attention.

3, just put on the Removable Denture, wearing eating pain is obvious, should first remove the denture temporarily do not wear and timely to the hospital referral. However, before going to the hospital, it is recommended to wear denture for at least two hours or more, so that the doctor can check the reasons for the analysis of pain.

4, at the beginning of wearing the Removable Denture meal, you should eat soft food, try to eat less meals, but also to slowly chew, and then wait until after the gradual restoration to normal eating, do not eat too hard food , So as not to cause discomfort.

5, to protect the oral tissue and Removable Denture cleaning work. Especially after eating every day, you should remove the denture water rinse, so as not to affect the health of the oral mucosa at night before going to bed to remember to remove the denture with a toothbrush to wash the denture soaked in cold water to keep the denture clean.

6, during the wearing of Removable Denture, not only pay attention to oral hygiene, but also pay attention to oral health, found that the problem should be more consult a professional doctor, in a timely manner to the hospital for examination, usually more attention to regular visits to the hospital in order to facilitate the doctor in all directions The use of dentures.

Wearing a Removable Denture, although it seems very common, but still have a lot of attention, regardless of whether you have been wearing, or is ready to wear, have to do the relevant health care work, the attention must be caused by things Attention, better maintain the health of the mouth.