What Is Active Removable Denture?

Removable Dentures are the "Removable Dentures" that people often say. Like the "prosthetic", "prosthetics" as "prosthetics", "Removable Denture" means that human beings do "obligations" of the teeth. Medical is the upper, mandibular teeth or all of the teeth after the creation of the restoration of the general term. Removable Dentures are divided into two types: pickable and fixed. Fixed Removable Dentures (commonly known as "fixed Removable Dentures") can not be worn by the patient themselves, and removable teeth (commonly known as "active Removable Dentures") can be easily taken by the patient wear.

1. active Removable Denture: the patient can pick the teeth of their own teeth, suitable for the majority of the majority of teeth missing, the remaining teeth less case. The advantage is that patients can be removed clean, the remaining teeth burden is small, but there are also lower chewing efficiency, patients need to take off after meals and many other inconvenience.

2. Fixed Removable Denture: the use of missing teeth on both sides of the health teeth to do support the Removable Dentures fixed in the mouth, for a small number of teeth missing, intermittent teeth, the remaining teeth healthy state. The advantage is that the fixed Removable Denture masticatory efficiency is high, the patient wearing comfortable, foreign body sensation is small, do not pick Dai, the disadvantage is the restoration of the teeth on both sides of the teeth after the removal of the teeth of the teeth after the whole tooth repair.

3, dental implant: the rapid development of newer technology in recent years, the method is implanted in the alveolar bone implant, to be implanted and alveolar bone formation after the bone, and then implanted in the implant, but the dental requirements Patients with good physical condition, alveolar bone has a certain height and width. Dental use comfortable and beautiful, do not damage the adjacent teeth, but the price is more expensive.

Active Removable Dentures are commonly referred to as "removable partial Removable Dentures". It refers to the use of residual teeth in the mouth and the basement (dental care) covered mucosa, alveolar bone support, the patient can wear the restorations. "Active Removable Denture" with the Removable Denture of the retention body and base device and other components to obtain retention and stability, to repair the teeth and adjacent soft and hard tissue, it is a repair method of tooth loss. Active Removable Denture "is not accurate, because it still has a good retention, not staggering" activities ", so" pick "is more accurate, but for the convenience of the reader, we still use the" activities Removable Denture "this popular name.