What Is The Nature Of The Metal And Metal Used In Removable Denture?

First, now recognized the best activities of the whole mouth can be extracted Removable Denture material is pure titanium metal materials:

1, pure titanium and the human body is the best compatibility of metal materials, almost no one had an allergic reaction, which is also used for orthopedic bone network connection, planting repair and other surgical treatment;

2, pure titanium strength is good, and light weight, and thus made the stent thinner and lighter, foreign body feeling small, wearing more comfortable in his mouth;

3, pure titanium metal ductility is very good, so the production process can be more closely with the model fit, so in the mouth to get better closure, to achieve better retention effect;

4, pure titanium easily oxidized, on the one hand, the casting requirements are higher, thus increasing the cost, more expensive; the other hand, in the aerobic oral environment for some time, the metal stent will soon lose the original Of the metallic luster, and cast a layer of bleak oxide film.

Second, the next is now almost the most suitable for complex Removable Denture Removable Denture Vitalium (Vitallium) materials, are high-grade cobalt chromium metal materials, the main components of cobalt Co, Cr Cr and molybdenum Mo,

The addition of molybdenum elements can not only improve the corrosion resistance of the stent, but also make the whole structure of the alloy material greatly improved, thus greatly improving the metal stent of the metal stent. Fatigue resistance.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of Vitamin material is excellent strength, excellent flexibility, which:

1, Vitamin material is very suitable for the production of a stent in the need to design more than three clasp complex Removable Denture - can make the stent to wear more smoothly, and the connector and the clasp is not easy to deformation and break;

2, so that ordinary cobalt chromium metal material can not be achieved to achieve the design, such as slender tongue, palate, continuous card and a number of T cards or Y cards, etc. - thus reducing the metal base and oral tissue stickers Combined area, making the bracket to wear more comfortable.

3, Vitamin material relative to the pure titanium stent slightly heavier, but flawed, the same for the production of full mouth can be extracted teeth.

Third, BPD perfect stent material, containing the same ingredients and the same material, also cobalt chrome molybdenum, the difference in the manufacturers:

BPD material is the German company for the US company's high price of vitamin materials developed by the competitive products.

Thus, in addition to the price, the elastic strength of the material in the laboratory conditions is lower than the Vitamin; but myself in the clinical design of the two are the same use, the effect is not bad.

Fourth, titanium-containing material, containing ingredients in addition to cobalt, chromium, probably added seven to nine percent of the titanium element, but this change can effectively change the alloy's performance, its material strength and ductility are Better than ordinary cobalt chromium metal stent, but were inferior to the above three materials.

5, ordinary cobalt chromium metal materials, active Removable Denture material of the veteran materials, the so-called general material is the material, has been used in clinical for decades, relative to the above materials, the production of large Removable Denture when the weight, substrate thickness, and production The process is more backward:

Thus, I am only in the clinical absence of one or two teeth will be recommended when the patient choose to make the material Removable Denture.