Why Need To Crown After Root Canal Treatment, There Are Three Main Reasons

1, because of the need for root canal treatment of teeth is dental caries (tooth), the defect is large, then complete root canal therapy, but the remaining tooth structure is very fragile, very easily broken, cracked, it loses its normal function, simple materials can't be used to restore function.

2, root canal treatment is the drug and device operation root canal residual disinfection clean and bacteria as clear as possible. However, such a disinfection process if you want to carry out a serious, but have to get rid of some bacterial infections of the teeth, and teeth of having to repair body tissue. So most of the teeth root canal treatment once, there might not be enough might support chewing power broken, simple materials can't be used to restore function, even though I could restore the long-term results are not good.

3, after a root canal-treated teeth losing nutrients from pulp supply, like the roots of trees, wither, become very vulnerable, resulting in teeth brittle, easily split.

Due to these reasons, significantly decreased the teeth's support force, under certain conditions, may be sufficient to support the masticatory pressure likely Crown split, so time to do dental crowns and protected it.