Christmas Gift Luxury New Teeth Whitening System Dental Whitening Products

Christmas Gift Luxury New Teeth Whitening System Dental Whitening Products
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We are a high-tech comprehensive enterprise dedicated to the development, production, customization and sales of PFM In High-precious, Combination Work, ucla abutment full form. The quality of our merchandise is equal to OEM's quality, because our core parts are the same with OEM supplier. Mainly do wholesale, so we have the most competitive price, but highest quality. Welcome you to be a part of us alongside one another to create your company easier.

Implant PFM in White gold


Implant PFM / Zirconia / E-max ….

Nobel. ITI. 3I. MIS. Straumann. Zirmmer…. 

Turnaround time: 3-5 working days

Screw  retained or Cement Implant Crown ( Custom Ti  Abutment or custom zirconia abutment is available )

Dental Implant Crowns?are an excellent alternative to a dental bridge. Replacing a missing tooth not only improves the appearance of your smile, but it also restores the function of that tooth.

Good quality and price (  FDA Certified  Dental Lab ).

Back via priority service of UPS, Fedex  or DHL .

The mode of transportation, 

The mode of transportation: air freight


(1) the running speed, is in commonly 800 ~ 900 km/hour, greatly shorten the distance between the two;

(2) the motor performance is good, can fly over almost all kinds of natural barriers, can reach the other mode of transportation is difficult to reach.

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Tel: +86-755-23027046


Fax: +86-755-27473329

9/F. Zheng Ke Shi Dai Building. Xihuan Road. Shajing. Bao’an Dist. Shenzhen. China

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Shenzhen Sunflower Dental Laboratory is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of implant pfm in white gold in China. With large team of well-trained professional lab technicians, we produce high quality implant pfm in white gold in accordance with official standard. Now, you can rest assured to low price products made in China from our factory.

'The more focused, the more professional' is the basis for us to become a leader in Christmas Gift Luxury New Teeth Whitening System Dental Whitening Products. For many years, we have been trusted by the majority of customers. The cohesion of all employees of our company reflects the unity of individual interests and overall interests, ensuring the high efficiency of the company.
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