Lava Zirconia Full Ceramic Tooth Implant Bridge with Good Biocompatibility

Lava Zirconia Full Ceramic Tooth Implant Bridge with Good Biocompatibility
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We are committed to assisting customers to improve quality of hybrid denture procedure, Sport Mouth Guard, partial in a sentence and achieve excellent productivity to enhance competition and sustainable development. Our company has gradually expanded product sales and services to many regions of the world, and our comprehensive strength is increasing day by day. We expect to promote the technological progress and innovation of our company and even the whole industry, and continue to grow in the direction of high integration, forming a collective brand effect. We have been looking for more and more customers to create the glorious future.


Removable Denture

COCR / Pure titanium framework. Full acrylic denture. Partial denture. Valplast / Flexible Denture. Hybrid Denture

Turnaround time:  3-5 working days

Good  design with good retention.   

Good quality and price (  FDA Certified  Dental Lab ).

Back via priority service of UPS, Fedex  or DHL .

The mode of transportation: air freight


(1) the running speed, is in commonly 800 ~ 900 km/hour, greatly shorten the distance between the two;

(2) the motor performance is good, can fly over almost all kinds of natural barriers, can reach the other mode of transportation is difficult to reach.

Company's strength is introduced

Shenzhen Sunflower Dental Laboratory is a full services dental lab in China . We are a FDA certified dental lab in China. At Sunflower Dental Laboratory we understand the importance of quality, communication and price when it comes to all areas of dental prosthesis manufacturing. Our large teams of lab technicians are trained professionals who take pride in their work offering a consistent level of quality and care for all of our global customers. We only use the highest grade materials with all materials used American FDA, CE and Australian TGA approved medical devices. If you are a dental lab or dental agent looking to outsource, or you are an independent dentist. we are able to cater for your needs. We do not have minimum case thresholds and offer the same care and price to all of our customers.

Shenzhen Sunflower Dental Laboratory is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of valplast in China. With large team of well-trained professional lab technicians, we produce high quality valplast in accordance with official standard. Now, you can rest assured to low price products made in China from our factory.

With the help of advanced business philosophy and continuous technological innovation, we have developed rapidly in the Lava Zirconia Full Ceramic Tooth Implant Bridge with Good Biocompatibility industry in recent years. We are in line with the quality first, service-oriented business philosophy, stride the pace of the new century in the forefront of the industry. We continue to provide customers with core technology solutions and professional operation services.
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