Mmo Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Mmo Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
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In the future, we will continue to improve ourselves, strive to meet customer requirements and market needs, and design and produce partial in a sentence, occlusal splint cost, ceraroot zirconia dental implant with better quality and better performance. We implement innovations in concept, technology, management, mechanism, and marketing, continue to extend brand advantages, and focus on brand promotion and management. We adhere to the quality policy of "meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations". At Present, our products have been exported to all over the world. Our Company policy is 'quality first, to be better and stronger, sustainable development'.

Lower Implant PFM Bridge

Porcelain fused to metal (Precious. Semi-precious . Non-Precious)

VITA  porcelain

Argent alloy

Turnaround time   3-4 working days  ( Customer to customer is 7-10 days ).

PFM are widely used in dentistry.

The metal frame provides strong compression and tensile strength as well as proper support .  strength is good.  Technician can layer Ceramic to create a natural colour effect for the patient if there is enough space .

Good quality and price (  FDA Certified  Dental Lab ).

Back via priority service of UPS, Fedex  or DHL .

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The main products:

PFM (Porcelain fused to metal ),All Ceramic,Implant,Removable Denture,Combination Work,Dental Appliance

Shenzhen Sunflower Dental Laboratory is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of lower implant pfm bridge in China. With large team of well-trained professional lab technicians, we produce high quality lower implant pfm bridge in accordance with official standard. Now, you can rest assured to low price products made in China from our factory.

We guarantee to give you a timely reply, and look forward to working with all merchants to grow together, through joint efforts, to provide the best quality Mmo Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator for you. We always put the advanced equipment of our plants in the first place and invest heavily in advanced equipment. We are more than willing to do whatever we can to promote cooperation and exchange between industry peers.
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